Link Building for SEO

Being an expert in SEO means being able to stay on top of – and ahead of – trends in the industry. Can you anticipate the most effective strategies? Can you act on these instincts to create effective campaigns? Link building has always been a crucial component of search engine optimization, and it remains so today. But the how’s and why’s of linking have changed, and yesterday’s effective techniques may be today’s blackhat tactics. What do you need to know about link building for SEO?
In a 2011 Covario survey of more than 300 search marketers, 30 percent indicated that their main SEO strategy will be focused on link building, and 36 percent said that they would focus specifically on organic links through social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter. A variety of services have popped up in order to cater to the growing need for links, but too often, link farms, wheels, and exchanges are simply wastes of money, and they may put you in a compromising position with regard to Google – and that is the last place you want to be. Instead, focus on quality not quantity.
How do you do this? Avoid any service or SEO firm that offers to build thousands of links for you. JC Penney and were recently penalized by Google for doing just this, and they found their rankings on the SERPs dropped quickly and certainly. Instead, search for sites that are related to your industry or which engage the same community. Create conversation – not sales pitches. You want to put useful information out there and create an image for yourself that demonstrates your authority.
Do some link baiting. This often has negative connotations, presumably because of the word “baiting.” But you are not doing anything underhanded or shady here. This means that you create high quality, useful, entertaining pieces that will naturally encourage people to share and link to you. Again, the purpose is not to sell but to engage the community and build your online presence.
Link building for SEO remains a concern and should be a top priority for any website in 2011.

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