PR (Themed) Links

Build authority with PR link building

If you have a recently-registered website and you’re looking to build up some authority, then PR link building is the way to go. PR link building is a method of getting excellent high quality links back to your site from link partners, and is a great way to build a partnership with relevant sites in your industry. PR link building is a great way to get guaranteed backlinks from referring domains, whilst specifying the anchor text you want to use for themed link building.

Themed link building gives you greater scope to target specific terms, making them high quality links that pass on real authority to your website. When link building it’s important to properly specify the anchors you want to use in your themed link building to make sure you get the maximum benefits possible.

PR links are essential for newer websites

Themed link building can really help to improve your own website’s authority when used in conjunction with a wider online marketing strategy. PR links on relevant sites in your industry will pass on their authority to you if they are identified as a PR1 or PR2 website. They will also usually have a small amount of outbound links on their pages, meaning that more of that authority is passed back to your site.

PR links are a great way to generate authoritative high quality links back to your site for specific terms which can help improve your rankings for your targeted keywords. PR links used in conjunction with other white-hat, organic link building techniques is the best way to increase the presence of your website across the web’s most influential search engines and improve the amount of traffic back to your pages.

High quality links are essential when link building

When focusing on your off-page link building strategy, it’s important that you create a natural portfolio of quality links to get authority back to your site from the right domains, whilst also giving searchers something to find you with. Think of link building like creating and maintaining business relationships in real life. The more influential the link, the more it can help you out. A good link building company will be able to help you find and maintain those relationships, benefitting you and your business in the long-term

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