Link Building Strategies

The world of search engine optimization moves at a lightning fast pace; strategies and techniques are always evolving, and what worked yesterday may not work today. Flexibility is crucial, and nowhere is this more apparent than in link building. In the past, you could get away with mass-generated links from farms, wheels, or exchanges. Today, the quick and easy answer is no longer right. Not only can you waste your site’s valuable money, you could end up being penalized by Google for using out-of-date techniques. Here are some link building strategies for 2011.
Developing Quality Content. You probably hear this again and again, and you should. Content is absolutely the most crucial piece of an SEO campaign. Why? Who is going to link to your site if there is nothing of value? Doing so risks the reputation and rank of the sites and it alienates the traffic you are trying to attract. Since increasing traffic is your goal, you have to have something of value to attract and keep it.
Social Media. Participating in social media, whether through Twitter, Facebook, forums, or blogs can be very effective if done properly. It is not, for instance, a good idea to use this media to sell, sell, sell. This turns audiences off. Instead, use these platforms as a way to engage your audience and create an image for your website and business. Again, quality is key. Make sure your comments are thought-provoking, useful, and relevant. Create a signature with a hyperlink to your site and use optimized anchor text.
Article Marketing. This is another way to engage your audience. Provide useful, relevant content that is informative or entertaining. Again, the goal is not to sell directly; rather you are building your online presence and giving your audience something of value. Optimized anchor text and links are critical.
Link building strategies evolve over time, and keeping up with it is essential for the success of your website. Behind all of these techniques lies quality content, so focus on that to achieve organic links, which are the most effective.

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